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The loss of a dear friend or family member can be traumatizing and shocking.  Add to that loss the potential for litigation and the shock can rise to unimaginative levels.  When a person is met with litigation or even the threat of litigation unknown fears rise up, “What will happen?”  “Will my friend’s wishes be fulfilled?” “What should I do?” Experienced and knowledgeable Valencia wills lawyers can help guide the way to these answers.

The process of determining where a person’s assets are to go is known as probate.  It is during this process that most, if any, litigation over the estate will take place.  This is also the time when you may discover things about your friends and family as they act in ways never before seen or imagined.  Family members may move items out of the homes of their deceased relative and then refuse to tell the rest of the family where the items have gone.  Long lost relatives may come out of the woodwork with wills or trust documents that are the complete opposite of what you know your relative would have wanted. These missing items and unknown documents are where most will contests and disputes start.

A will contest in Valencia can be hard fought and should be aggressively pursued by your attorney.  During any Valencia wills litigation, it helps to have experienced Valencia wills lawyers who know the region and understand the local nuances to a Valencia will contest.

Valencia will disputes

A Valencia will dispute could be surrounded by any number of issues or reasons to bring a lawsuit. Two of the most common are:

Will Construction

This type of litigation will typically focus on what a will means to say or how a particular provision should be read.  This becomes important when one interpretation tends to point you in the direction of your loved one’s beliefs while another may lead to the disregard of their wishes.


This type of contest brings to question the capacity of your loved one to have made a will.  Often the questions that come up will be whether your loved one understood what she was doing while preparing this will or whether your loved one was coerced into leaving specific assets—or even everything they own—to persons or groups against his wishes.

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