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The Probate process, like any area of the law, requires a strong intimate knowledge of the subject matter, but unlike most other areas, probate law can be very state,- county -or even city -specific.  Probate law in Valencia is no different. An executor of an esate that needs to be probated in Valencia needs to familiarize himself with the specifics of Valencia probate laws.

Of course the first step of the probate process is to determine if probate is required for the estate.  In California, an estate that holds property that is valued under $20,000 may be able to avoid the probate process altogether.  However if the estate is too large or the deceased person failed to name a beneficiary to certain property, probate may be required.

Whether or not a person had a will may determine if probate is necessary.  If the person did not have a will, then probate will become required to move the assets to the appropriate beneficiary under California’s intestate succession laws. But even with a will, a person may forget to dispose of specific assets or to name a beneficiary for some assets. In these cases, amongst others, probate may become required

The most effective way for a fiduciary to become familiar with the probate laws in Valencia is to get the advice and counsel of an experienced Valencia probate lawyer. Experienced Valencia attorneys will be well versed in the specifics of will law in Valencia and the state of California.  This experience and knowledge will be most relied on by the executor or other fiduciary of an estate, but can be helpful to all of the beneficiaries and family members when an explanation is needed.

Valencia probate lawyer

Valencia wills law has its own intricacies that may confuse or slow down the probate process for an executor.  Having the help of a Valencia probate lawyer can help to ease this confusion and keep the process moving along track.  As the process moves along, the executor is better positioned to begin distributing assets to the beneficiaries and the process can end up moving along faster than expected.  With an attorney’s help the loss of a loved one can be a little less painful and the movement of assets to the next generation can be done in a way that best fulfills the wishes of your loved one.

Strong, experienced lawyers are needed to advise you and your loved ones on their estate planning needs.  Our Valencia law firm also represents Santa Clarita Valley.  Contact the Snow Law Firm to discuss your rights and options.

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